The Shoutbox
Not sure this is something to brag about but around 4th grade my mom won tickets to the El DeBarge show that came to town. He played Who's Johnny. I thought I was so cool lol.
When I was a kid that movie was so amazing.
#5 is ALIVE! Who's Johnny, she said. You know I love you...
I had to explain what a big deal that song a certain point in time.

#5 is living up to his reviews.
Umbrella Academy ep1 was nice, I got a little too excited when 'I Think We're Alone Now' came on..
If the first bit of Umbrella Academy is any sign, Netflix isn't gonna miss Marvel.
Pete Rose sat on a tack.

Pete Rozzze from the ashes of the phoenix.
"Without ashes to rise from the phoenix would just be a bird standing up."
One really ought to expect a phoenix to rise from the ashes and begin anew though
Remember when Joaquin Phoenix retried? We were all like, damn... what's he gonna do for a living now? Turns out hes acting. Weird right?
@Swan - lol wtf