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We've had Biblical rain here for the last couple of days. Loads of floods including one in which I nearly met my Waterloo today.

Pulled out to pass a truck on a narrow stretch and when I got half way past we both drove through a massive flood. His spray blinded me and my car started aquaplaning.

I did the only logical thing in those circumstances - floored it.

You rarely feel more alive than after something like that. It's probably something to do with not being dead...
Can someone pick out their top ten favorite films for the following lists that I haven't seen? (They don't need to be in any order.)

100 Greatest Passions
100 Greatest Laughs
100 90's
100 80's
100 70's
Best Picture Winners
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It is indeed. Has been snowing here almost all day. It's just started laying on the ground not too long ago. We have about an inch or so.

If the film's been released and you're talking about it after having seen it, then check Movie Reviews (and start a thread there if there is none). If you're talking about something before seeing it, Upcoming Movies & Sequels.
Discussion specific to any given film? Since discussion tends to jump off a bit before the film is released, many of the discussions emerge in the Upcoming Movies and Sequels area of the site. That said, the director-specific threads are also home to some lengthy discussion on that particular director's catalog of films, along with places like The Movie Tab and the review threads you mentioned.
I'm genuinely kind of confused about where specific film discussion takes place on the boards, it's been a while since I was active. I mostly see lists and user specific review threads.
Was round a friend's house today. When I was there, their dog chased a mouse through the crawlspace they've got upstairs.

Fair enough, you might say. Dogs will be dogs etc.

They've got a fully grown Akita...

Mayhem, and a stuck dog.
I just watched Birdman, oh mannnnn, the camera work was so sexy.
#20 is up on the 100 top tv shows thread.

There will be another entry tonight.

Possibly two, but don't hold your breath.