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The Donald and Pat McCrory have inspired me to do something I have never done in my life.
Ayy; what an OG
spudracer!!! How goes it?
Wow, a blast from the past! I even know who Spudracer is, just from reading the board's archives. Spudracer is like one of the original members. Welcome back : )
Holy crap! a spudracer! and I am all out of pokeballs.
Hey hey!
Originally Posted by spudracer
A wild spud appears
Hey buddy!
A wild spud appears
So glad to see the Lobster has arrived.
I wanted to workout yesterday but woke up late. Well, we upgraded a computer lab: I got my workout. I'm stupid sore.
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Keep it to yourself.
But you're just so pretty and special: I want to tell everyone!