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Better dandruff than lice
Ah, that time of year when the MoFo dandruff starts to fall.
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You weren't in The Running Man were you?
I was actually, I played "audience member #39 - completely obscured by audience members #8, #17, #26 & #27". Well spotted Sir
Always wanted a pair of suede Wallabees, but I would need someone for full-time piggyback rides.
"This country is in deep trouble people! This country is rotten to the core and somebody better do something about it! Now I want you to take your hand out of that bowl of Fritos, throw away your National Enquirer, and pick up the phone!"
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I like the way they are made, I don't like the way they look. I had ones, my sister have ones. I looked like a skinhead wearing them, just needed some Londsdale shirts and I would probably be beaten on the street.
The ones I had were a natural orange leaning, pebbled leather that went perfect with the stitching.

I need to put the heels to a belt sander. Got a bit of a lean after 20 years.
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I find ice skates quite long lasting as day-to-day footwear - might not be the most practical but it does take an age for them to wear down.
You weren't in The Running Man were you?
Oh i don't know. Rock and roll?!
"Now...what do you call that haircut?"
Yup. Sure!