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28/42?! I'm tall but ain't Sedai tall
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"Nothing good happens after midnight"
I live in jeans: Wrangler Cowboy Cut.

Gotta stay loyal to my broke folk.
I haven't owned a pair of sweatpants since middle school lol

I blame Seinfeld.
I stopped wearing jeans years ago. I mainly just wear sweat pants when it gets cold nowadays.
My current go to jeans are a pair from Uniqlo. Nice and roomy, with a high enough rise that it looks good dressed up (i.e. with a sportcoat). I was briefly entertaining a more expensive pair, but looks like most nice ones at a higher price point are raw denim, which I understand bleeds everywhere, which didn't seem worth the trouble.
Almost bought a pair of Levis. Then I remembered they have twisted leg syndrome.
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Sorry to read that =\
its okay D=
"Nothing good happens after midnight"
Sorry to read that =\
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RIP Norm MacDonald.
Sadness. Sorry to hear he spent his last decade battling cancer.
thats so sad 🥺 rip🥺🥺wish theres cure for cancer,my mum died 13 years ago from breast cancer 🥺