The Shoutbox
Austruck, you have the "Alan Wake" game? I have it as well but really dont know how to play it. I only got it because of the music for the game.... its done by one of my favorite Finnish bands..... yeah I know its a silly reason for the game... but perhaps someday I will learn to play it....
Oh, duh, got distracted by the blibbiness and forgot to post a link to this article about binge-watching Oscar contenders. Note in particular the crowdfunding idea for other cities to get marathons in their local theaters:
Well, I see you, blib, on that OTHER social media site we both frequent. Still, nice to see you here, though I didn't recognize your avatar at first.
Well, I've retired to the country. And put on a stone.
Hi guys! Yeah I thought i'd pop back in and say HEY THERE. This place is looking niiiiiiice. And lovely to see some old names still here. What's up?!
Blibby? Stone the crows!

Welcome back bud!
I sent out an email to the site's members about the Oscar picks. I assume that did it. Welcome back, blibb. And yeah, I guess this is your first visit since the redesign.
Is that the Blib??

Welcome back!
It's nice looking in here innit
I'll probably be straight on the W10 bus. W8 is a fine OS once you get rid of Metro - With that gone it's just a quicker W7. I can boot into a usable Windows in 10 seconds.

10 is supposedly just a reskinned 8 with a start menu. Win-win.