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Thats disgusting tbh. Full head ftw
I doubt it. There are few enough examples of it on a women who is attractive.
Any examples of it looking good on someone who wasn't really, really attractive to begin with?
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It's sexy when women shave one side of their head.
WTF I just read?
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So... I shaved the right side of my head today.
You're not going all Britney Spears on us are you?
Negative. Just needed a change. LOL! It looks good. I think I am really going to like it.
Fury Road was 10/10, though.
Perhaps it's the fact that Furiosa is the main character? The movie actually should have been titled "Furiosa's Road: Mad Max Passenger"
There's little discussion of the movie. It's devolved into **** about feminism and MRAs. I don't mind reading critique of things I enjoy but there's something about Fury Road that has really brought the goons out of the woodwork something fierce.
what do you mean?
Is there a worse message board on the internet than the Fury Road IMDB?
Off to Maine for the weekend. Cya later!