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it does appear that the radio waves sent out from the underground obama shelter have once again rendered me a fan of "the dc comic movie universe"

what can i say

i'm a sucker for hasbro
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'El Chapo'
Wow that name is just perfect. I wonder if its a real one.
Yes I can't stop! If there is a reason why I didn't watch it earlier, is because I thought that a series with 8 seasons can't be that exciting. I thought it was like D House, Lie to me this kind of series where they follow an episode model and nothing new happens.
Are you liking it so far?
Don't worry, that guy had a smile scary as ***** so it wasn't hard to tell, and I don't know anything yet
Did my avatar spoil it for you? Sorry, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly. Also my avatar doesn't tell the full story.
Camou thanks to you I know the legs doctror from Dexter is not that ordinary
Just heard 'El Chapo' the Mexican drug lord escaped from jail again.
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Kind of a blah year for Movies in comparison to last year. At least so far.
I sort of agree, but I'm expecting it to pick up in the lead-up to awards season.
Most years are blah until the award films show up. TBF, most are after that, too, but at least there's hope before.
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Everyone should see Inside Out. Went to the theaters a few hours ago and ended up crying a lot and loving it. Really good film.
Really want to see that. Looks like a return to form for Pixar.
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Just for Slob and John McClane.
John is truly trying to get better, and I really hope Slob pulls it off, too. I don't see how comments like that help.
Wait! These comments are meant to help? Oh, now I see where I've been going wrong.