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The Shoutbox
Sorry to hear about Prince, he will be missed.
I have a test tomorrow, I'm studying engineering and I really don't like to study theory from books and stuff, I have this really awful subject that it's completely pointless. I thought I would have stopped having pointless subjects when I got to college. Anyway I'm off schedual so I will have to stay up all night I just have lunch 5:00 pm, hopefully tests will be over soon. (Me being an irresponsible doushe doesn't help either)
Thank you guys.

Since you are all talking about people that died I looked up 4/21 and start reading the deaths of 2 years ago, some of them are like the president of Venezuela. They are everywhere, they won Miss Universe the last couple of years, emm, I'm out of examples but yeah VENEZUELA.

Today isn't that interesting it seems, yesterday was Marihuana's day or sometinhg, cannibis I keep forgeting the name
I'm talking about tiny homes.
I love how most places make it illegal to live in a house that is eco-friendly.
One of my references was contacted. I think that bodes well.
Geez, two musical heroes of mine gone in the same year.

Wasn't there something earlier this week about Prince having to cancel a concert?
Well damn. There goes Prince.
David Bowie and plenty of others as well.
Victoria Wood, Morag Siller, Paul Daniels, Alan Rickman, Doris Roberts and now Prince... celebs and stars are dropping like flies this year.
Not totally confirmed, of those things where it's clearly not a total hoax and very likely true. I'm sure we'll know for sure soon.