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Good morning, all!
Good morning, all!
I use to make cereal out of
Teddy Grahams.

Looks like the guy was a spaz. Cat caught the vibe, said I'm out, claw stuck and cue the music.

Parsley got the knives out the other day when I was trying to dose her with the flea & tick shoulder blade treatment.

She knew Jerry! She knew!
What the heck did he do that the cat went so crazy?

And thats why I dont **** with cats
Im gonna be an old man in a home firing up Giorgio Moroder memes all day long on the neuralink, drooling on my solyent g.
A trueThief, youve stolen my
To be fair, I would take churros over movies any day.
Oooh. Looks like that coincides with Top 100 Churro Spots countdown. Not enough time in the day for movies!