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Surely Losing Your Nerf would be a better title?
Speaking of music, I was reminiscing about gramps the other day and had an idea for a song about when I shot him in the eye with a Nerf gun.

Song title? I Lost My Nerf Gun
Tori I presume
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She's touring again?
[H]umanityís actions are so far-reaching that a 2018 study in Current Biology suggested just 13 percent of Earthís oceans can still be classed as wilderness.

There's no where she can't touch. Also, who is she?
She's touring again?
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Saw a teaser for it last night. Psyched!
I am most excited about Amos returning to Baltimore. That character is so well written, and they couldnít have found a better actor for him.
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Story is, itís an anagram.
So his actual name is Real Sox?

nono. that was ant-o-gram. singing, dancing Adam Ant for hire to wish happy birthdays and other special event congrats.
Saw a teaser for it last night. Psyched!
One month to go till new season of The Expanse. The only redeeming quality of 2020.