The Shoutbox
i need a nap =\
took it for a walk? fetch? you carry a plastic baggie?
Just exercised the 2nd amendment. Feels good. Feels like America!
Well, Friday usually involves a lot of people getting buzzed.
Originally Posted by Yoda
offhandedly mentions beekeeping

three days of puns ensue
Youll be lucky if its only 3
Yeah, Shoutbox has been swarmed lately.
I think the lot of you are being beestly - you've got some nectar be making all these puns.
I think I might get a humburger at Beeger King.
My, the Shoutbox is positively buzzing with activity today.
*bee hive ourselves? you buzzed? this. is. SHOUTBOX! *kicks*
Why can't any you beehave?