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I rest my case.
Sinatra was on Family Guy
Sylvia died yesterday. Does Jr even count?
Paul Daniels

Sylvia Anderson (producer and voice actor on the original Thunderbirds)

Frank Sinatra Jr

All died this morning.
Huge losses across the entertainment business all on one day.
I think that's just what happens when British publications try to spell words for Americans. Words like recognise. We get all confused.
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But why would he?
Exactly. And really, my beef with that article is the misspelling of "recognized" in the first sentence.

Apparently I need to reprioritize.
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You need a woman.
A woman who likes curry.
You need a woman.
I was eating curry in bed last night..Doesn't get much better than that!
I also started a blog and bought a beautiful domain in that time.
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This essay is no fun at all.
I agree.
I have pretty much got it finished now. Been here in the library since 6:30 PM. It's now 9 AM.