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It had to be tested...

People joke about the length of my reviews and how long it takes to read it all. Weeks... months... is what they say, but it's not exactly that bad. I took a read-through myself of my Hateful Eight review, in a relaxed and normal pace, and got through it in an admittedly longer-than-usual-but-still-doable 20 minutes give or take.

15-20 minutes of goodnight reading. It's not that bad now, is it?
Two Irishmen, two Irishmen were digging a ditch
One called the other one a dirty son of a...
Peter Murphy had a dog, a very fine dog was he,
He gave it to his lady friend to keep her company,
She fed it, she taught it, she taught it how to jump,
It jumped right up her petty coat and bit her on the
Country boy, country boy sitting on a rock
Along came a bumblebee and stung him on his...
Cocktail, ginger ale, five cents a glass...
If you don't like my story you can shove it up your...
Ask me no questions, tell me no lies
If you ever get hit with a bucket of ****,
Be sure to close your eyes.
Just to wish everyone a very happy St Patrick's Day - go out and drown your shamrock.
Yo yo, test complete. You must be one of those inactive account notice people. Welcome!
Yo yo testing 123
Genuinely sad about Paul Daniels. A strange wee man in many ways but a childhood hero of mine.

Subscriber to my YouTube channel, too.
I rest my case.
Sinatra was on Family Guy
Sylvia died yesterday. Does Jr even count?
Paul Daniels

Sylvia Anderson (producer and voice actor on the original Thunderbirds)

Frank Sinatra Jr

All died this morning.
Huge losses across the entertainment business all on one day.
I think that's just what happens when British publications try to spell words for Americans. Words like recognise. We get all confused.