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I kinda like Keanu actually...
Good to see everyone making "Keanu can't act" jokes. Really helps with this whole site's general stuck-in-2004 kind of vibe.
Keanu is great, he gives every actor hope that they too can make it someday!
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Did they give Keanu emotions?
Don't you insult Keanu's acting. He gave a very impassioned speech about the human need of room service.
Oh, I see he got bumped from the call-sheet by a Lost Boy.
What cgi was used in Speed 2?

Did they give Keanu emotions?
Speed 2 was awesome. CGI is dated AF now but whatever. I still love me some Dafoe.
Wow, is this Keanu week or what? I actually bought a 2-movie Speed collection today. I've never seen either of them before, looking forward to it.

The second one looks completely ridiculous, but Siskel and Ebert's glowing review of it kinda makes me excited just to see how bonkers it is.
And Point Break.

But I consider that to be more of a Patrick Swayze movie
Keanu is a force to behold. Always been a fan since Speed.
Samara Weaving would be a great choice for an agent.