The Shoutbox
"I wish the ring had never come to yn."
And thus the intrepid trio started on their trek to Mordor, both Mama Yods and the fearsome Torgo really hoping that Yinbo would be able to keep his ring covered up the entire journey this time....
There are now three to our fellowship.
Eagle Eye gave us the best copy store name, Copy Cabana, so there's that.
I take your concession on Eagle Eye.
As an adult, I have a wok I rarely use.
I have never had an ewok.
I'm sure they are tasty, though, if stir-fried properly.
With some carrots.
Let the rabbits wear glasses. This is necessary.
As an adult, I have a wok. As a kid, I had an Ewok poster. For everything there is a seasoning.
Eagle Eye is the greatest political docu-drama of the last 50 some odd years. Fight me.
Going to watch Ringu with subtitles and no sound. @clerval inspired me.
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Crack that whip!
One of only a few phrases that can be reversed and still be used within the BDSM world.