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Ya canít really expect someone who canít spring for a better flavored beer to not litter.

I drank Bud Ice and Steel Reserve, so I shouldnít throw stones. Or empty cans in this case.
Itís just not a proper childhood until youíve picked up used drug paraphernalia and sex toys. But by far the most copious item was empty cans of Old Milwaukee.
"I've smelled things you people wouldn't believe. Skunky diapers on the shoulder of Highway 66..."
Just seeing the word skunked up diaper is giving me flashback to picking up trash on the side of the road. Iíve smelled things you canít unsmell.
In the skunked up diaper aisle of course, where else would they be
Where are you finding skunked up diapers?
Iderno, if you're looking for just one word to sum it up mebbe "diaper"?
Anybody know how to describe the smell you get when you crack open a Heineken? Can't quite put my thumb on it.
Originally Posted by M.L.
I just noticed a couple of movies that don't appear to be on this site's database. sorry if this a silly question, but is there anyone I should contact about that?
It was the same for me on two films. I couldn't find them anywhere except one was listened an an Asian film site. It was playing on Hulu at the time. I had to create it from the site that Letterboxd pulls from. It's odd because I can't even remember the titles now.
ďCreamy outsells Crunchy, 4 to 1.Ē

ďWell, I think they know we didnít finish making one.Ē
Feel free to PM me the title and I can look into it, too, if you prefer.