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Personally I've always thought "Did you Doug it?" was the more interesting question.
"Can you dig it?"
"Yes, I can"
You don't have to FINISH the movie?
Iím gonna be sick
I re-watched the original last year and realized I probably should have just left it in the past with whatever nostalgia it had for me, as I found that it didn't hold up very well this time around.
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Heard that was dire. Let us know how it is!
I actually liked it. It's not as good as the original, but not bad at all. Some cool moments and a couple decent performances. Worth watching, in my opinion.
I signed up for Operant Conditioning Via Tacos.
Contrast therapy has been booked for Thursday evening.
Fair points. I do see the thumbnails roll by constantly, but I am kind of a beeline watcher on YT etc. I open the app and click on the podcast I came to see, then close YT etc.
All Youtube wants me to watch is that stuff. Havenít clicked on a video, havenít hoveredÖbut here, try some.
What rock are you living under and are they selling any in the neighborhood? Because try as I might that shit getting plastered everywhere I go.