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Starring Jake Gyllenpeg?
Starring Jake from State Farm.
Starring Jake Gyllenpeg?
Starring Jake The Peg?
Is it Happy Feet 3?
Came here to post the trailer from the visionary that brought you Happy Feet 2Ö
Still working on my list. Probably won't be done today.
AC just went out in NC. Guy wonít be here tilí NovemberÖ.
My ability to recall engineering concepts and mathematical theories at times makes me question who my brain is really working for.

My ability to recall throwaway comments and cement them into legacy, is an untapped power that could one day fuel the world!
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People talking about me like I'm not here smh
Who's talking about you? I was on about Steve
I remember. Even when Steve forgets who he is, I will always remember.
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i think most of us just assume you ARE the website. like a weird movie-obsessed version of HAL. all knowing within the confines of the MOFO "mainframe." accessing..... ACcessing.....

texting about you like you're not here s'meh. it's pronounced, "s'meh," right?
In a Cronenberg world.
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From now on, I'll always picture Yoda as Mr. House from Fallout: New Vegas.

More like Max Headroom