The Shoutbox
I'll dig it up next time I'm at a desktop.
I found a support article where MS staff acknowledged it and said that's a design choice. No, that's just stupid.
You remember the list that you could clear recently used programs? Then it reordered programs based on how often they were opened?

That feature still exists in Win 10. Only now if you remove it from that list it will never populate in that list again. Ever.
That's a different feature.
Right Click > Pin to Start
Windows 10 is a nightmare in an enterprise environment.

I also learned that the most used list on the start menu is setup so that if you remove a program from that will NEVER show up on it EVER again. No matter how many times you open it. That's just stupid.
Let me know when he finally learns how to play in key. Thanks.
Hilary netted the ever important Kerry King endorsement.

Guess that about wraps it up.
The best $4.99 a Windows 10 user will ever spend.

There's also Classic Shell which isn't as slick, but a whole pile free-er. 30 day free trial on Start10 though.
Bookmarked that link you posted - I will take a closer look when i am at home on my WIN 10 rig.
The little ads for programs/services in the start menu annoyed me, as well, so I quickly got rid of all of them.