The Shoutbox
But not in Americky where it'll be 02222022.
The other nightmares were so much worst that that one was actually kinda relaxing. Insurance red tape and all.
Not sharing the dark ones, but I had one nightmare where I parked my FRS on a neighborhood street. And when I came back a rain storm had flooded it up to the steering column with a dropped tree on it.
Mmm, nightmare sweats. Hello old friend.
Stacking competitions still a thing? With the cups? 3 cup monte training?

Its gonna be huge in Oslo.
I bet I can smoke more fentanyl than your grandmother. Yeah.
I may give up crack for fentanyl. You know, for the team.
Imagine living in a world where u can't find heroin or meth... but u can smoke hella blues! Fentanyl is the sh*t!
"I was clubfooted till light language cured me of lupus"