The Shoutbox
Anyone seen Cronenberg Jrís ĎPossessorí?
Youíre on notice!!!
Iíve spent too many work days in Sickies to ever let them touch me again.
Big revelation here, but sweat pants make my legs feel sweaty.

Jeans are arguably the worse type of lounge-wear and they donít do that. Guess Iím gonna be khakis and dickies 365.
Sweatpants at home. Jeans, preferably Wrangler, be armor against the world.
*is wearing sweatpants right now*
*doesn't care about genetic markers*
Just donít think that Iím built to wear sweatpants. Missing a key genetic marker.
StankS-a-LoT. I was worried that I wasn't trying hard enough.

Okay. Let's go team. Control, I need you to cue the splitscreen of Alanis Morissette getting slimed and Grimace giving little kids a hug. Let's go people, you're in the big league now! Roll the audio of Bill Murray singing nursery rhymes.
dude. getting super creepy lol.

I hader do it
This place is turning into Mission Imposshoutiblebox

Watch out for the laser beams!!