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Imagine being in that camp that thought the first three prequels would ruin the Star Wars franchise. Theres so much content now even if you hate it. How do you even keep up?
Skip the middle man, so to speak.
It's best to just throw those right in the ocean.
Dear shopkeep, the black plastic bags
Its not long enough!
Dude... the Stranger Things finale is like, 2 and half hours long! Lulz...
No meal isn't food at all
Oatmeal or no meal
Think I'd go French toast before waffles as well. I have had some really excellent waffles over the years tho.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
ERMAGERSH this week is ALMOST over. After work yesterday, I raced to the house to check progress on dudes cutting all kinds of trees from my back yard that had all grown into the chain linked fence for the last 20 or so years, fed the kitties, then raced to my dad's in florida to sit with the nephew only to find my step-sis was ALREADY there. She wasn't (yeah, I'm aware my caps are not standard even within my own single post. wanna fight about it?) supposed to be there until like 11:00PM so they asked me to come back one more night. They could have TEXTED ME!!!! So, instead of working through from the office I set up my laptop for 3 hours. Illustrations are hard on a less than 15" monitor with remote access lag. I finished around 10:20, then packed my stuff and left to come home. Going to mom's tonight for about a 2-hour drive to start packing her apartment to move a few things back this weekend.

Not that anyone cares. I'm mostly posting this to clear my head some as a sort of checklist thing. I guess.

Whatever. Pancakes are evil. Waffles are superior.
But French toast beats 'em all.
I wouldn't say pancakes are evil. I don't think they mean anyone harm... they aren't good tho. That much is clear.