The Shoutbox
I really thought they were gonna Care Bear Stare the big bad at the end of Stranger Things. They were holding hands and they were all staring at the big bad and yet... no love shot out of their chests to fix the big bad.
"My names the human Spider!"
You look like the bastard child of Carrot Top and The Incredible Hulk.
R.I.P. Peter Brook
Yeah, our local establishment of that ilk, "Mrs. Tiggy-Winkles", could probably have been better named.
"Mrs. Tugg" is a good name for a massage parlor that gives happy endings.
Is there a Mrs. Tugg?
Gin is a food group
Drunken shouting shouts drunken
R.I.P. Joe Turkel
Imagine being in that camp that thought the first three prequels would ruin the Star Wars franchise. Theres so much content now even if you hate it. How do you even keep up?