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Move zig, move zig, you know whatv you doing. Take off every zig!

Is that game as addictive as they say? I remember someone on a G4TV show saying that he hooked up his TV and Genesis to a generator during a power outage because he just couldn't stop playing it.
I started Phantasy Star II last night, an old Sega Genesis title. Back then, I had the cartridge and spent my entire 8th grade summer (may be wrong on the exact year) leveling through that game, dungeon after dungeon and finally made it to Mother Brain. I didn't survive and needed a few more levels. Soon after, my controller broke and I never got to finish it. I'm not sure I can endure this old school grind as an adult...

Will I get to play as good as Larry Bird did?
I dunno. Maybe throw in some incense, perhaps a light curse or two?
did you like my deal?
Back in my college chat room days there was this cat that would pop in, went by the name-ah HalfAxe, I believe. He would show up and start chatting random half conversations to the room in odd broken English. It wasn't a foreign style, just like the way people post cat memes with that cat-English mix. Oh. He wore a shaggy cat avatar. Made sense lol. Anyway. The guy would hang out, reply to questions no one asked and ignore the questions people actually did ask, and he'd flirt with any user name that looked to be female. He was a trip.
for illegal trading
I am calling police