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what doughnut hell scape are they baking up down there?
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Last Fat Thursday donuts cost 5 cents per donut. I bought zero, though.
48 dollars? That's expensive as hell!
Everybody who has a Chinese girlfriend gangsta until she tells you she wants to abort the baby because being born in the year of the goat is considered unlucky.
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doughnuts cost too much
TREN-TRen-trend Buster!

the only trends that matter are stock trends.
Poor Things is finally online, watching tonight, let's see what the buzz is about.
Cheeseburgers > Hotdogs..
Hotdogs > Corndogs..
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Users of this forum are very suspectible to trends.
I have been called many things, but "trendy" has never been one of them.
Is that the infamous T-word everybody's talking about?