The Shoutbox
As a youth, the thought of appreciating socks and underwear as a Christmas gift would seem like a nightmare.

Although, LL Bean wool socks aren't as glamorous since they threw their brand-making guarantee out the window.
The thought of retail parking lots at Christmas is probably in my top 10 of nightmare scenarios.
How much of a deal is $250 for an iPad?
I think the plan for Black Friday this year is hit Target for that $250 iPad.
I have some glad rags I'm getting ready to put on tonight.
I have a new track Im putting out tonight or tomorrow.
More science that makes me happy to be a human.
They do say (or at least did before ID theft became so prevalent) that imitation is a form of flattery so one or the other of you should possibly take it as a compliment.
Of course it also brings back a Facebook profile from some dude in Nigeria.
Sample this Sample is a google result when you search for my stage name.
We got it all right now. Helicopters, K9s, US Marshals, etc.