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I always liked Cleveland Williams vs Muhammad Ali better
Cavs won folks. Best Cleveland moment EVER!!!!!
As soon as i saw you had quoted me i knew you had made that sort of joke
The Warriors better win.
REMINDER - Game 7 is on tonight!
Well, one thing is certain with this new job, I ain't moving away from this town anytime soon.
Well, finally broke down and bought a pair of joggers. Some trends are just more persuasive than others. I got a Patrick Swayze vibe going on with these things. Maybe I'll watch Point Break.
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is Cocoon a good movie? any of them
First one is ok. The second one is just a cash-in on the success of the first and has some dodgy effects as well.
is Cocoon a good movie? any of them
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You ain't no Mofo bruv
cheeky bastard's avin a laff
You ain't no Mofo bruv