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The Shoutbox
I signed up for Operant Conditioning Via Tacos.
Contrast therapy has been booked for Thursday evening.
Fair points. I do see the thumbnails roll by constantly, but I am kind of a beeline watcher on YT etc. I open the app and click on the podcast I came to see, then close YT etc.
All Youtube wants me to watch is that stuff. Havenít clicked on a video, havenít hoveredÖbut here, try some.
What rock are you living under and are they selling any in the neighborhood? Because try as I might that shit getting plastered everywhere I go.
Right there with you - Have watched exactly 0 seconds of that crap so far, and plan to keep it that way!
"Heard" and "dire" in the same sentence ..... you should get yerself sponsored by Mr. Depp

(This shout is in no way any indication of my personal feelings on a dispute I couldn't give two squirrel's nuts about)
Heard that was dire. Let us know how it is!
Going to see the new Firestarter movie today.
The film noir box set I ordered came in today!
My local float tank center is about to open up a contrast therapy suite. Bout time!