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All 2020ed out, eh?
Originally Posted by Iroquois
Ash! Long time, no see! How's it been?

i'm ok

how are YOU?
Ash! Long time, no see! How's it been?
buffy is easily my favorite show of all time. i won't say how often i watch it, but it's an embarrassing amount.
Originally Posted by Cobra
On episode 5 of Buffy, good show so far, surprised havenít seen it.
gosh buffy is like one of my favorite 90s show ever
On episode 5 of Buffy, good show so far, surprised havenít seen it.
Don't feel bad about returning an eBay item if the seller made a mistake in the listing. It's the seller's responsibility to describe the item properly and include clear pictures.

I've been an eBay seller for over 20 years, and I've only had about a dozen returns in all that time.

A good seller won't get upset about a return if you can show them that it was their error. I've only had a couple of errors in my listings over the years, and in those cases, I've let the buyer keep the item and given the buyer a full refund. (A good seller will take responsibility for their mistake.)

Originally Posted by John McClane
Sometimes I feel bad when I buy an item off eBay and have to request a return because of seller errors. Like, I know it ain't my fault...but I do feel bad since they won't get their original shipment refunded and they have to pay for me to return it.
eBay is not what it used to be
These days I primarily do 100% donation auctions, so in my that case no returns means no returns. You paid for it so you keep it.

I figure if anyone ever does ask I can just shame them for asking for their donation back.
The reason I bring it up is because a lot of people do no returns but a lot of sellers are also not aware that eBay Buyer Protection does allow for it. The item in point is no returns. So I hate to immediately request a return after opening it. I dunno. Iíve just been on the receiving end of a buyer who took advantage of eBay protections and it sucks.
Donít. I never sold anything with returns, too much hassle. Especially if they devalue the item.