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Curious as to why PW thinks BB is a bad show, unless he means Skylar, and then I get it.
Yeah, that's definitely part of it. I'm not sure if I'm mature enough to really break it down. There were many things that rubbed me the wrong way. It's been so long since I watched it I'm not sure I can even really articulate it into words.
Killed off a few shows at the time, like Journey Man!
I forgot about those writer strikes =\
Curious as to why PW thinks BB is a bad show, unless he means Skylar, and then I get it.
You may be right, but BSG just sort of seemed to unravel pretty badly toward the end, trashed Starbuck's character into oblivion, and lastly, didn't have Camina Drummer or Amos in it.
Animal Kingdom is a new addition to my top 5. So good.
The Expanse is weak sauce compared to BSG. It was too hamfisted in the writing that first season, and it never fully rectified that. Whereas BSG only stumbled towards the very end, and in all fairness that was probably more the writer's strike fault than anything else.
what's this? I hear a gif galloping in the distance. could it be... no, surely not. wait! i think it might be....
I don't think I'll ever rewatch Breaing Bad. I'm gonna try not to sh*t on it. But it's not a good show. Lost on the other hand I really loved until the end. And now I will never watch it again. Unless someone holds me down and prys my eyes open and puts little drops of LSD in them. Then I will watch it. Maybe I'll be able to enjoy that ridiculous ending if I'm high enough.
Oh I loved the ending two seasons of Lost, so I'm generally in the minority I suppose. I forgot to mention Deadwood. EGGS SEA LINT!!! except that HBO ending already mentioned.