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*makes mental note to do the place up in plastic
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Nooooo what happened to your avatar?
It might just be in the wash - I've heard Camo can be a messy eater at times
Nooooo what happened to your avatar?
Actually it's this dude who created a super encrypted e-mail service which ended up being used by Ed Snowden. He ran a worldwide criminal organization and literally ordered former Navy Seals to assassinate people over e-mails:

That's real life but his threat would be holding a gun to your head.

Mostly i just wanted to post it coz everyone should read it.
Holding clear evidence that they committed a crime online over them maybe. Like if someone catfished pretending they were a kid or something.
Almost nothing, since virtually nothing you can do online is equivalent to literally killing them. I guess threatening to SWAT them if you actually can is closest, followed by more metaphorical "your life is over" stuff, kinda like the nude selfies thing (though for most people that's just really really embarrassing and probably doesn't actually preclude them from living a mostly normal life after).
I've often wondered: what's the digital equivalent of holding a gun to someone's head? Threatening to delete an account? Releasing nudie selfies?
dont tell me what to do yods

Got 'em.
Yoda's tip

A well-intended one, though in general it's just scraping the tip of the iceberg.

Now can we get a review of how to help write reviews? Or would that be redundant?