The Shoutbox
We've had about 10 shootings in the past month. That's just an insane number given the size of our city.
Maybe you could still get in contact with them through Fronds Reunited?
I put all the houseplants up for adoption. It was either them or Parsley y Sage 😯
No idea, maybe participate in Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day which might give a little time to get your thoughts in order?
Im usually one of the least serious people here, but this is not a good situation.

I can just imagine being charged of "allegedly" doing something and having a mob turn on you. For all I know the person did the stuff, but it really makes it crystal that the mob can come for you one day. Social media makes it like pouring gasoline in a crack house.
Depends on whether or not they were caught with their pants down.
What would you do if you saw an old friend had been arrested for one of the worst things possible? Article in the town paper, social media abuzz with condemnation.

I just think about innocent until proven guilty, dont believe anything you hear, half of what you see.

Im lost on what you do.