The Shoutbox
*caps lock much?
Destroyer VI: Shoutbox destroyer.
If you Google Rebecca, the first result gives away the twist... now, I know most people will have seen it, but isnt that horrible?
Yeah, DJI. I don't know the exact name though.
DJI or something else? Drones are awesome as long as they aint looking at me.
My dad bought a drone recently, so I went with him to a park to try it out today. It was pretty cool.
Re Big Money Wasted: BMW is the choice of car for the affluent in my neck of the woods. They are all over the place, and I shake my head every time I see someone driving it like a granny. Drive it like ya stole it!
Originally Posted by WrinkledMind
That's a beauty, John.
Thanks, it is far more guitar than I need right now. I will grow into it.

I still prefer acoustic but, given my skill, I felt it made more sense to buy a good electric than trade up to a better acoustic. Ya should have seen my face when my ears perked up.
That's a beauty, John.
Although, I tend to agree that looking at money as numbers on a spreadsheet doing nothing is enjoyable.