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All this talk of Carnivale makes me smile. The random Clea Duvall reference I heard yesterday makes sense now
Was going to keep the old one, it's interesting to see the differences.
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The Wire, best show in tv history..

That's a funny way to say Twin Peaks.
Crap, I can't remember the damn codes for the Smiley's around here.
I've been watching a lot of movies I've never seen before. I'm up to 77% on the top 100 horror movie list that I created years and years ago. You know, that old old old list. :P
Surviving. Having a wonderful time with my family. I've had a strong feeling since the new year that this year will be a lot better. So far so good. We shall see what else it has in store.
I'm good, Desmond
How's you been while you've been in hiding?
Hello!!! How are you?

You too, Rodent?
*wave at destiny*
Hey hey hey, watch it on that old remark. ;-)
Scratch that. I just found it. I must have done something wrong when I marked everything off as viewed. I saw only 0% down my entire list, so I didn't think it was there. Oops!!!