The Shoutbox
one great thing about rural america is you are, mostly, insulated from try-hard influencers recording in public. i take the wins where i can
oh cheese and crackers, panopticontent
Removing all that French text from the Nostradamus book literally halves the entire volume. Narrator can be my reading partner, give my eyes a rest.
fox and mgk breaking up is like being surprised that the roller coaster ends

the hepatitis will fade, but the memories are forever
because they're sweeter than aspartame?
Pepsi is the choice of the New Generation. Why else would you have Steve Martin and Ben Stiller in your ad?
oh, looks like pepsi is broke and donít sponsor that anymore. so naturally itís about selling more iPhones now
pepsi. itís all to sell pepsi
Iím a lifelong lover of music, but I do not for the life of me see the point of the Super Bowl Halftime shows. Everything is curtailed and you never get a single complete song. Sign of the times if there ever was one, mashups everywhere. The ads are most good, though, especially where ĎBreaking Badí is involved.
Donít forget the Bitchiní Sauce!