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Oh, Rico wasn't waving after all
Morto waves back
But the fact that $UAVS hasnít dropped yet is a very good sign. I had my mom invest $75 last year when it was like $5 bucks a share, so Iím happy to see it closer to that. And if everything I believe about it comes to fruition then it could easily go $30+ in another year or two.
Dude, I have the worst luck. I do my research, I like what I see, and then I invest. Then either JP Morgan comes around a week later with a downgrade or the central banking system ****s with the market.

But when I win. I win big. It's just never when I expect it because the market is ****ed right now.
I saw that run up and get support and thought about how you had held it forever. They were just waiting for you to sell!
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IF you want to turn that sweat to steam, peep $UAVS...
Oh believe me, I am pretty cheesed.
yeah, it was pretty bad here even around 6.
IF you want to turn that sweat to steam, peep $UAVS...
I swear, itís so muggy today. I feel like Iím in Vietnam.