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When I saw The Tea Party back in 95, I think it was 95 anyway, it really had a major impact on me. I still think about the show and their music. Its crazy
I saw The Raconteurs at the American Music Festival back in 2008. Technically they went on second-to-last (Bob Dylan was the closer), but they completely stole the show.
Blunderbuss is an album that I often think I donít feel in the mood for. Then I put it on on and Iím always in the mood to hear it.
I've lost count of how many bands Jack White is part of at this point.
So, back we go to these questions: friendship, character, ethics...
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Well I'm just realizing The White Stripes is, and always has been, my favorite band. Took me a while to put 2 and 2 together (or 1 and 1), but if I ever get to have my own band, I hope they'll be as cool and Jack and Meg.
His solo stuff and Dead Weather albums are great.
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Alright, I went with this cartoon version of me.
Iíve been waiting for the day you got rid of that nightmare.
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Like the new avatar, Allaby!
That's what Allaby looks like in real life.
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Like the new avatar, Allaby!
Thanks, Sedai.
Like the new avatar, Allaby!
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I once thought of putting a Christmas hat on Dredd. Then I judged myself and didnít
I would like to see Dredd with a Christmas hat. He would look jolly.