The Shoutbox
This hedgehog just called a little girl fat. He is kind of a dick, but I still love him.
I'm watching Andy the Talking Hedgehog. Nothing tops talking hedgehogs.
That "one take" episode...I put that on randomly sometimes and just marvel at it...
Rewatching ĎMr Robotí. Gorgeous.
first time was the best time. they got those centers all over NC. i used to drive 3 hours for it. now itís in my backyard i barely go 😅
more like i have credits left over. pretty cheap high. i was wigging out in there because i didnít realize how much tension i had built up. i could hear my bones, man
Originally Posted by John McClane
time to go climb in a float tank
You got a groupon for that?
i just love those hypnic jerks
I sense a deep cry in The Force of great wrongness. Far off in the distance. A thousand, a million, a billion miles away I can't tell.
better than a sink tank
time to go climb in a float tank