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Why did McGregor become so enormous?! Eww. He was so ****ing hot when he was lean.
It's a Saturday night and a priest is getting ready for Sunday services. He realizes they're out of wine.

It's later at night so the only liquor stores open are downtown. The priest drives down and grabs a couple of bottles from the nearest liquor store. He's wearing plain clothes so it's not obvious he's a priest.

A hooker stops him on the way to his car. "Hey honey - how about a blowjob? Only twenty bucks." The priest doesn't know what she's talking about and quickly excuses himself.

The next day after services, the priest pulls the mother superior aside.

"What's a blowjob?"
"Twenty bucks - same as in town."
Don't bok bok at that!
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Oh no, he should have ducked. What a quack.
What a fowl joke.
Oh no, he should have ducked. What a quack.
A guy walks into a bar....

I dont like this subject. Perhaps youd like a joke?
Who's Al?
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only one in the office today. crazy is an understatement
AI, 9.5 out of 10 people are obsolete now.