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More popular Rush?

band or cigarette dip?
There were a couple of years in there (like 2009 and 2010, I think) both where there were a ton of them and like half of them were coming from the same seven or eight people.
Rush is one of my favorite bands of all time...
i have 3,837 and i've been here fifteen years
I don't know how I'm still on there. I hardly ever shout anymore. Haven't for years.

Except in traffic. #RoadRager
He's got about 2,700, if anyone's curious.
How has doubledenim not broken into the Shout leaderboard yet?
Originally Posted by MijaFrost
Rush, maple syrup and Tim Hortons? Is that all Canada is known for?
To some, apparently.

RUSH is the greatest band btw.

3 dudes who laster over 40 yrs with no overdoses, egos or creative stagnation, who went out with their best album.

I say! Good morning, chaps!

Yo, bitch, you're ****in' worthless
And if you backstab me
I'll show you what a herse is
And with the other hand I'll doodle on some napkins
Hit you with a loaf of bread and make you cheat on Atkins

I swear, Aussies are literally the best sh*tposters on the planet. Freakin' madlads, best c*nts.
The glow of the screen is making me green
Why do I flow when Im not obscene?