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Mazda 3. She fit like a glove. Way roomier than my B2300
Originally Posted by John McClane
woo! getting my mazda tomorrow. sad to see the rental returned but damn if it didnít nearly
bankrupt me
Mazda6 or Mazda3? I ordered a Mazda3, and made the mistake of not test driving one first. At 6'5" 230lbs it was a tight fit. Too tight.
That's what she said!
woo! getting my mazda tomorrow. sad to see the rental returned but damn if it didnít nearly bankrupt me
OK, nerd out complete.
PS4 is on its own HDMI port since its only 1080p, and its CEC features are better. But 90% of the time I'm using the Apple TV. Those voice commands and that search feature has ruined me for all other devices.
So now I have three 4K/HDR devices that I juggle around on THIS 2 port switch, which I highly recommend. I got it all hidden in a cabinet and use the wired remote button to switch from the Series S to the Apple TV. It's pretty snazzy.

But if I want to run a 4K blu-ray I have to unplug either the Series S or the Apple TV and swap it for the One S. But these days I rarely use discs so I haven't had to do that in awhile now.
Re Sedai's TV: what device you using to feed it 4K?

My current TV was gifted to me with bad backlights and I spent 3 hours replacing them (never again), and it wasn't until after that I discovered it only has 1 HDMI port that can do 4K/HDR and had to pick up a switcher.

Then after I acquired my PS4 I discovered the other HDMI ports could do 1080p/HDR.
Like, the dragons got better every time we saw them at the start, and then boom. They suddenly took a nosedive and looked like something made in a dude's garage. Went all Pete's Dragon on their ass.
That battle was so dark because they totally cheaped out on the special effects. And I will be hard pressed to be convinced otherwise now that I've seen it in 4K. It was absolute trash.

That entire last season was just "well, let's see how cheap and fast we can make this so we can go do other projects".