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If I had seen the deal from last week (MIA Fender) I would have bought that one. And I even liked the color.

"The strings are on the neck, your highness."
Proud of your restraint.
But if I find one in the color orange for the same price Im buying it on the spot.
But nah, after asking ynwtf about it, I think I am going to wait.
If I had seen the deal from last week (MIA Fender) I would have bought that one. And I even liked the color.

So far I have resisted. So far.

Part of me wants a Tele just to have one, but then the reasonable part of me is saying "WTH do you need another guitar when you can barely play what ya got?"
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There's a Fender Tele on slickdeals. Must resist.
You bought it, didn't you?
shout? hmm.....
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That's definitely odd.

As long as this forum has existed we've occasionally attracted people who don't really "get" how forums work, and I actually think that's become more common, now that forums are not the dominant medium of communication any more.
That might have something to do with it. Maybe there's also the matter of how a PM is guaranteed to get someone's attention more so than bumping a thread (and a new user would not necessarily know that you can do that by quoting/mentioning a user in a post, which I'm not sure that any other forums do).
lol. Yeah. Got me there.
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That's pretty neat, in a way. I always feel weird and borderline creeper if I PM users I haven't had much conversation with first.

Could he/she be shy? That you (and only you) responded, might suggest you're the only one interested. In a weird way, why NOT take it to PM for more direct conversation on the topic? I'm kidding, mostly, but I can see that thought playing out.

Oh. It's not me, btw. I do weird things from time to time, but that's not as obvious a tactic I think I would take. Hm. Unless this Shout escalation is tier II of my devious plot...

Yeah, no. Not me. For real.
Maybe that's the logic, but then why the gaps between messages? The first one was just a straight-up statement so I disregarded it but then the second message came four months later and had a question in it so this hardly strikes me as the most direct way of handling a conversation, especially when another question comes along in another four months.

Ah, I might as well answer but it's just not an interesting topic. The question's like "how would you change Iron Man 3?". Short answer: I wouldn't. Long answer: No, I would not change Iron Man 3.