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Is there an easier way to link to specific posts? I put an index in the first post of my reviews thread, and it is starting to get really messy with all them full length URLs.
Youtube comment of the year maybe... "A flatearther?s greatest fear is sphere itself..."
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HOW long before Trump starts bringing a guitar on stage?
Now I'm picturing him just bringing it on but not actually playing it, like he just holds it in one hand the whole time or puts it down and doesn't pick it back up.
HOW long before Trump starts bringing a guitar on stage?
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Man, I wish this were just about you weirdos. It's totally an actual bird. I really hope this doesn't go on for more than, like, a week.
It's till death. We had a cat murder some mockingbird babies and got divebombed in the backyard forever.
Did you not know that "terracotta" is derived from the Latin for 'feathered door'?
I've got two nests of starlings under my roof. It would have been three but I managed to dismantle one nest before they had a chance to finish it.

I reckon I've got another week until the chicks have flown and I can get to plugging the hole they got in.

Turns out that terracotta roof tiles aren't great for a country house. Each one has a self contained starling entrance point where they curve. I didn't realise that until too late.

Hi all!
Or studying water fountains at the local mall food court. That's what I do when I get down.