The Shoutbox
Didnt have a nightmare about zombies last night, but I did have one about the end of the world. Everything in that dream was most definitely house related
Just spent about twenty-five minutes or so reading spines and moving piles of dvds looking for Amlie so I could rewatch it before the countdown deadline. Nowhere to be seen

Came downstairs, thought I might as well peruse 'herself's shelves' and there it sat - smiling enigmatically at me, as if it was supposed to be there
The great scholars Bell Biv DeVoe, warned of trusting junk in the trunk.
I saw a guy driving a 90s Lincoln Town Car today with padlocks on the trunk. I kept my distance
Time to cut into the undead
el oh el!
i used to kina have a thing for DOOM, but shooting the monsters over and over again got boring.