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we can be a school of fish.
According to my imdb ratings, I have seen 6,741 films.
a fish.
i could be a fish. i mean, if i really want to.

perhaps i am already a fish. a fish in a glass bowl with extraordinary technology at my disposal. my human could be an engineer, constructing ways of eye motion tracking. i could be like your scientist, now passed, identifying letters with my eyes and body twitching to slowly tap out messages from an ordered string of word options.
I have no liquor but if I lose enough sleep I can achieve the same effect.
Minio took his chill pill today with a fifth of vodka.
I think maybe at most I've seen about 1500-2000 different films over my lifetime. Didn't start counting till a couple years ago. Never mattered much to me. But my opinions are to be taken lightly at best and I don't much like discussing film on a professional level, because it isn't my profession. The only reason I gave any thoughts on them was to display what it looks like when I try and review something, and to right some wrong opinions about me. No need to really do it anymore.
I've seen more than 5000 films so that means all my opinions are right!
Unpopular opinion: Anybody who's seen less than 5000 films (and in a less stringent version 2000 films) has very limited capabilities of film quality assessment because they've probably been exposed to way too many masterpieces due to the 'early cinephile selection bias'. This leads to underrating great films because you can only compare stuff to what you know. And what you know is (or at the very least should be!) some of the best cinema there is.
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I've seen all three of Alex Garland's previous films and liked them all, so I am hopeful this one will be good too.
This one might be the best of them all!
Interesting. I actually thought Men was strangely beautiful in a striking and bizarre way.