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A basic image editing tool would be neat in the Reply tool bar. Say a resizer, crop, brightness. I've seen that in some places on the web.
The latter. Changing how it gets squeezed.
Resize as in literally change the dimensions and file size, or resize as in just squeeze it into a different width or height, even if the embedded image is the same?
Yoda: Itd be cool if we could resize images/attachments within bbcode. Or can we already do that and I just dont know about it?
I think it is hysterical how a real estate tycoon is overseeing the most incompetent and inefficient construction project in the history of the United States of America. That like has to be the definition of irony.
Memorial Day weekend use to be a big deal for movies.

All we have is live-action Aladdin and Brightburn . The latter may be great, but not a typical summer kickoff movie.
I just attempted to make italian buttercream. Fail.

It has led me to question all aspects of my life and what our role in the universe is.
Mmm, Snickers.
Sup mofos?! Long time! Work and life outside of work have been super busy. Hopefully things will calm to the point where I can participate a bit.
"They like...killed my dog."
Originally Posted by Iroquois

I'm more surprised by the fact that they're embracing a whole new level of silliness with Idris Elba as a genetically-modified super-soldier.
I think the silliness is where it succeeds. John Wick 3 actually made me think of the Fast franchise, in how seemed to start incorporating some of the silly.

If JW had examples of the knife scene before JW3, I hadn't noticed it in the moment.