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My theaters stopped showing King Richard and Last Night In Soho, so I can't see them anymore. ****s.
Ahh, I remember the days of moving small stuff by car. Hard to believe that was nearly ten years ago now.

We moved only a mile away, and I could do multiple trips each day with boxes of books, small lamps, kitchen stuff that we could do without for a while, off-season clothing, etc.

But loading up my Cobalt always felt like playing car-Tetris.
Well, I can fit a full set of tires with the backseat down and not much more.
Depends on the car and the stuff!

One thing that seems to be making a big difference is whether we can get one more stackable layer of boxes or not. Sadly my car can't fit two banker's boxes one on top of the other in the trunk or the back seat. Just one level and then smaller stuff on top. If you have just enough room for that second level I expect it adds up in a hurry.
I wonder how many car rides itll take me to move the small stuff. Im guessing 12.
Got maybe half a dozen carloads in after the closing, and got some temporary fencing for the dog up.

Today we've got two more cars so we should move the majority of the boxes and some of the smaller furniture items by late this afternoon, I hope, so it's mostly just big things for the truck tomorrow. Here's hoping.
Originally Posted by Austruck
You guys need sturdy boxes? I kept meaning to offer but kept forgetting! We have a bunch!
Think we're good, we nabbed a few from people, bought some banker's boxes, and someone from her work gave us some (though we've had to reassemble/tape them up, with mixed results). We should be good though.
Hehe, nah. That would be cheaper and more efficient if I had the expertise, but I don't.

Place I use has been killer, though. A tad pricey, but the capacity is far beyond what we need, which is why the site's usually lightning fast. Beyond the odd inefficient query I can mostly do whatever I want, which is really nice when working on new features.

Originally Posted by CringeFest
so you run all this off a home server??
One more weekend free from the weight of a 30 year mortgage. 😅
That Sackler settlement getting tossed out was great news the other day. Shout and shake your fists in the air type excitement. Best I can hope is justice will actually be done in the end
Originally Posted by Yoda
House closing done, we've already made several trips moving stuff over. Gonna do a few more today, a bunch tomorrow, and then hopefully the big stuff on Sunday.

In theory we'll be more or less moved in by Monday, and the Internet switches over that morning (if all goes well), so all MoFoing should take place from the new house in a few days.
You guys need sturdy boxes? I kept meaning to offer but kept forgetting! We have a bunch!