The Shoutbox
Hoooo yeeeah!!

(Sorry bout that rope, there, chyppers. My bad. Also, I forgot we had to 'get the F out' of WWF.)
The last time somebody wore those boxing trunks, they died.

And they had James Brown.

Who is who?
*the crowd roars*

*wonders why this wrestling match is taking place with an audience consisting entirely of lions?"*

*realises someone probbly got their WWFs mixed up*
*trips over the bottom rope and faceplants into the canvas*

*yells at yin-wootf*
"Why in the name of God have you got a rope coming out of your bottom??"
I haven't seen it, but I can't imagine it being worth the price of a theater.

*tags Chyp, WWF team match style, taunting the crowd*
Anyone seen Dark Phoenix? Is it worth the price of theater?
Yeah, he definitely has the behaviors and mannerisms of a coonhound. But not sure what else hes got mixed. He does have that unmistakeable ahwoo!
Lol If you find him treeing raccoons and possums, I'd say he's at least part coonhound.

In my personal experience, btw,,some of the most annoying animals are the most endearing.
Originally Posted by lenslady
I meant to ask - is H Harrison Ford a coon hound? Cute how he has his paw on ya.

Btw , even discounting that I' m a major HF fan; that is one of the finest names for a dog I ever heard.
No idea what he is but hes definitely got some Annoying in him.