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Ffs. Sprained wrist AGAIN. Want some tacos too. *jealous*
Taco Thanksgiving over here. No birds harmed in the making of these feast xD
Somebody shout 9-1-1.... Turkey fya bernin' on tha dance flo', wah-oh, oh!
i hope none of you gets mauled by a cursed turkey today. Who would I shout at if that were to occur?
The best part about a giant taco order is leftovers
Run away and hide still works, tho. lol
Almost died in a very bad location in the process. lol
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ynwtf: I beat Act I around 5pm today
Dig it.
ynwtf: I beat Act I around 5pm today
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Didnít have a nightmare about zombies last night, but I did have one about the end of the world. Everything in that dream was most definitely house related
You are not alone. I bought a house last November and thought I would die before I moved in, pandemic and all. Had bank hold money, delay transfer, estate agents threatening me, everything one can think of. Just think about how fun itíll be sleeping around all the boxes. I slept on the floor for months, good for back health, or so they say.