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It's generally not very widely known but corgis were so named after an incredibly attractive American soldier stepped from nearby shadows just as the first one was being born.
yesterday i stepped into my boss' doorway and said that i think i'm part corgi =\

she asked, wut?

then i started to wiggle my butt.
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What the hell are "movies"?

such sights to be shown.

huh. that's actually tricky to say out loud =\
so I got up all early and 5am n stuff to come in to work on something for a coworker thinking she needed it today. when she came in she was all like, nah, tomorrow is good.
The Rocks playground
What the hell are "movies"?
Damn straight you swerve.
"is that a keety in tha road?!"
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I wish John Lennon was still alive
Him and handfuls of more people who could help out society. We don't have much now unfortunately.
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Unprecedented turn of events in Women's Gymnastics sees the USA's decade-long domination of the event come to an end. Welp... grats on Silver!
Just now reading about it. Celebrities make some really weird and contradictory decisions.
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Paging Holden to the Wooley's Horror game thread!
No, don't. We need to have at least one screenshot game on this forum where he doesn't win.