The Shoutbox
Huntsville or Birmingham probably. I'm on the exact opposite butt end of the state. South enough to witness those famous "Florida man" headlines.

My gf lives in VA. Im thinking about taking up the hobby of growing stuff up there
What's that bigger ish city up in the northern section? Shes not too far from that
Shes from Seattle. Shes just been living up in the northern part of bamy for a minute now.
I was once a typo.

Mind me asking what part of bammy yer maw is from? My home state.
That's not a typo
My mother lives in Alabamay to so I could literally move there tomorrow and become a honeybee keeper overnight. Yeah...
Man... if I ever quit growing pot, I'm definitely gonna become a beekeeper. Seriously. I've been watching YouTube videos about them for months. I wouldn't be wearing one of the dumbass hoods either. Them things are for sissies.
I really think it should have been 2 flicks.
When they started talking about repairing and using a left over helicopter logic went out the window.
Yeah, I wasn't even gonna mention the whole vault thing... so stupid.