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TCM Today - Jimmy Stewart on ALL day.. After midnight, a few he did with Hitchcock.
We miss you
Shout out to a buddy that's been MIA.
Speedy recovery brother!
On a brighter topic, I remember when I went to see "Edge of Tomorrow" in theaters, the woman told me and my friend that they were having some trouble with the projector and that it'd be about 20 minutes. She gave us free movie passes to compensate. We came back to the theater 20 minutes later and handed her the passes, "No, no, no, this one's on us!" She said, and let us see the movie for free. After, we used the free movie passes to see 22 Jump Street.

The fact that both the films were great was a bonus.
I remember when I went to see "The Giver," in theaters, a woman brought her infant child into the theater. The child cried, and as opposed to leaving the theater, she started singing to her to try and calm her down. This happened for like 10 minutes until she finally left.
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Camo'll get this. Definitely.

What's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?

Bing sings but Walt disnae.
Funnily enough I got that but have no idea what anyone else is talking about in bananabox.
Yeah. That drives me crazy. I make an effort to mostly goto older releases, or odd show times that never attract much attention here. Most times I'm ok with whoever shows up, the few of us that do.
Good Luck with that.

I had my first major issue when I went to see Thor. Theater was packed and there was a kid sitting next to me.

I don't know how much candy he had, but it was "crinkle, crinkle..crinkle, crinkle" the. entire. movie.

I've never had any concession last more than 20 minutes into a movie.
So I just popped in for a Tuesday discount night at the local theater. Figured I'd take in a 3d showing of Justice League in that no one here wants to pay for the 3d versions of anything on a weeknight. The projector went down last showing. So I am now sitting alone for Murder on the Orient Express. I just want to watch a movie. Oops. An older couple just cane in. Grr....
Quite possibly only Steve is older than that gag.
That gag's older than a lot of MoFos.