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How did you find, kill, and then skin a Klingon?
My wallet is made of Tyvek. Its a brave new world were living in, man.
They make daleks out of styrofoam now, so in a way it has been exterminated.
Remember, 20 years ago we were gonna be paperless and styrofoam was gonna be exterminated?
Well, even though it is billed as a musical, its more of a live music show with interspersed dialogue. Theres no sets or anything like that, but to each their own.

I got a ticket free from a coworker, and it didnt stop them parking attendants from trying to hit me up for $5 in cash. Then they let me in without paying after giving me a passive aggressive speech about how were not in a cashless society yet. Uh, what?
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Yeah, I feel the same way about musicals, but it was the best/most refreshing live music Ive seen in years.
I think Gene Kelly was the closest I ever got. And Grease. But I never liked the music parts. Saw blade wheels was a big influence on my childhood.
Yoda knows to always shift the blame, he's very skilled with politics.

Well, you will never hear me complain. Your downtime resolutions are faster than Fortune 500 companies. Hats off to you
I always tell the server "load the page, but if you can't, put the user on the defensive to buy us some time."
I loved the blame shifting on the server message that says what you possibly did to cause the error. I was aghast that I broke something
Sorry guys, more server backup maintenance stuff. I might disable nightly backups for awhile until I sort this out.